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Caring for your Sheepskin

Because our sheepskin are a natural product, the will eventually change their appearance. To freshen them up lay them in the snow with the wool side down. If necessary use a carpet beater. The sheepskin will become beautiful again and have a nice fresh scent.

Sheepskin with long-haired wool can also be washed by hand, but it should be done as rarely as possible. When the wool is soaked, you can rub the roots with hand soap, such as Lano or Sunlight – it brings fat to the hair roots.

Hang the skin to dry at room temperature. Before the skin dries completely, stretch it well and twist in all directions. The more the skin is stretched and twisted, the better. When the skin is completely dry, the wool should be brushed. Use a dog or horse brush.

Faroe Sheep takes no responsibility for cleaning of sheepskins.

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