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Our Story

Faroe Sheep makes natural sheepskins rugs and cushions of the highest quality.

The story behind Faroe Sheep

 “Ull er Føroya gull” is an old Faroese saying signifying that wool is the Faroes gold. Unfortunately for the past decades the sheepskins have mostly been thrown away. When the Faroe Islands became civilized – the Faroese people could buy imported wool for less than from the local people, so eventually locals stopped preparing the wool because of lack of profit.

Faroe Sheep wants for the old saying to become true once again and collects about half of all the sheepskins in the Faroe Islands. The business started in fall 2001 og since then it has continuous grown. The customers are happy with the quality and especially is the color of the Faroese sheepskins particular.

The sheepskins are being picked up from all over the Faroe Islands and then they are sorted, salted and packed. In order to live up to the EU rules there is a comprehensive information, registration and co-ordinational work done and it is necessary to have a good relationship with the sheep-breeder, vet and authorities in question.

Faroe Sheep has done much work developing salemarkets and the Faroese sheepskins are sold in several European countries today.


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