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Her kanst tú melda teg til at fáa tíðindabræv frá okkum í samband við nýggjar vørur, tilboð o.a.

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A Faroe Sheep’s Life

There are approximately 70.000 sheep in the Faroe Islands owned by lots of farmers who own land. The sheep in the Faroe Islands live a free life in some of the world’s most beutiful scenery most of the year. In the harsh winter months most farmers take their sheep indoor.

Each fall the farmers slaughter selected sheep, while some are choosen for breeding to ensure the life cycle continues.

All the parts of the sheep are used, the meat etc. for food,  the horns are used by many for decorative crafts, and we use the sheepskin for soft and luxurious rugs and cushions.

The farmers sell the meat, mostly fermented or dried, to the faroese people as a delicacy.

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